Our Partners

Our Partners


MCG is proud to be the exclusive training partner with the Adult Advocacy Centers to develop and deliver FIND trainings to professionals who serve individuals with disabilities. The Adult Advocacy Centers (AACs) are a disability-led national organization piloting groundbreaking programs in Ohio. The AACs are a disability victim services agency with a vision to serve adults with disabilities who are alleged victims or witnesses of abuse, maltreatment, or neglect. Our staff and partner agencies are expertly trained to meet the needs of every individual in a holistic manner, ensuring they are the center of the investigation and treatment plan. For more information, visit their website here.


Here are some agencies we have previously partnered with:

        Department of Justice                                                       apsac


.         dcf                                              CDAA   


Northeast Reginal Children's Advocacy Center.                                                              Childern's Advocary Centers                                                                                                         New Jersy  childern 's  Aliance                                                     

        WCWPDS                                                            Wisconsin