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FIND Foundations

The FIND Foundations Five-Day for Forensic Interviewing Adults training is designed for professionals with roles and experience in or working with adult victims and witnesses of crime and individuals with disabilities. The training is founded in forensic interviewing best practices with considerations for memory, trauma and cultural background. The curriculum is designed to support professionals to gather information from alleged victims and witnesses in the most reliable and legally defensible manner. Curriculum topic areas include: Trauma Informed Approach; Interview Setting; Remaining Neutral; Reducing Authoritative Presence of Interviewer; Communication Skills; Memory; Abuse Dynamics; Question Types; Engagement and Rapport; Interview Instructions; Transition to Topic of Concern; Topic of Concern; Closure; and Post Interview Considerations. Participants learn through readings, didactic instruction, video examples, case scenarios, participating in activities throughout the training. All attendees complete a practicum to have an opportunity to practice and utilize the skills that are introduced in the training.


Number of Attendees: 24 Max

Number of Instructors: 4