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FIND Older Adult

The FIND Four-Day Older Adult training is designed for first responders including but not limited to; Adult Protective Services, Law Enforcement and other investigative personnel to more effectively communicate and gather information from alleged victims of elder abuse and neglect in the most reliable and legally defensible manner. The training is founded in forensic interviewing best practices with considerations and adaptations to account for age related declines in cognition, underlying neuropathology (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer’s), co-existing individual disability, mental health disorder, language capacity and cultural background. Participants learn through readings, didactic instruction, video examples, case scenarios, participating in activities throughout the training. All attendees complete a practicum that is scored on a pass/fail basis.


Minimum requirements include:


·      Completion of a training course in interviewing victims and witnesses (min. 32 hours)

·      Completion of 100 interviews and/or a minimum 2 years’ experience working with older adults and/or an expert review/letter of recommendation.


Number of Attendees: 24 Max

Number of Instructors: 4