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FIND Two-Day Law Enforcement

The FIND Two-Day Law Enforcement training is designed for Law Enforcement First Responders who want to increase their knowledge about the needs of crime victims with disabilities and want to learn about the most effective preliminary investigative steps to take when called to handle a matter involving a victim and/or witness with disabilities. The training is grounded in law enforcement best practices with considerations and adaptations to account for individual disability, mental health disorder, language capacity, and cultural background. The curriculum is designed to support first responders by providing a broader understanding of Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders, and Trauma-Related Disorders. Additionally, the system of care, unique items of evidentiary value, and special legal considerations will be discussed. Understanding the distinctive characteristics of these groups, implementing effective communication strategies, and learning how to complete a solid preliminary investigation is paramount to the creation of safe environments for this population.  


Number of Attendees: 50 Max

Number of Instructors: 1-2